Syndicated Programs

The underwriting of syndicated programs by businesses and individuals on KWMV demonstrates your support for community radio in the Wet Mountain Valley. KWMV depends upon community support to keep these programs on the air. 
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Feature Story News
Hourly Mon. – Fri. from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm
Feature Story News is the world’s leading independent broadcast news agency. With bureaus in Washington DC, New York, Orlando, London, Brussels, Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran, and an ongoing presence in Baghdad.

The Health Show
Sun. at 1 pm, encores: Sat. at 1 pm.
The Health Show is a nationally syndicated public radio program produced by the National Productions unit at Northeast Public Radio. The program covers all aspects of modern health: prevention, treatment, research, administration and more. Each week The Health Show breaks the issues down so you can be a better informed patient or care-provider.

The Best Of Our Knowledge
Sun. at 1:30 pm, encores: Sat. at 1:30 pm.
Every day, faculty members at schools and universities throughout the world are making discoveries that shape our ways of thinking and redefine our understanding of today’s knowledge-driven society. Since 1990, The Best of Our Knowledge has highlighted breakthroughs across disciplines and across the globe, putting you in touch with the men and women at the forefront of their fields. Each week, Co-host Dr. Karen R. Hitchcock looks at the latest research, and invites commentary from well known experts.

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